Elliptical BH-WG880 Trainer

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BH-WG880 Elliptical Trainer

  • Width(ยาว): 67 cm

  • Length(กว้าง): 158 cm

  • Height(สูง): 175 cm

  • Weight(น้ำหนัก): 95 kg

  • Maximum user weight(รับน้ำหนักผู้เล่นสูงสุด): 150 kg

  • Stride: 53 cm

  • Distance between pedals: 15 cm

  • Brake: Magnetic



i.Cross3000 model from the 24 min by BH collection is the answer for those that look for the definitive HIIT. It stands out especially by its robustness, stability and the A+M2 resistance system (air + magnetic) up to 500 watts. It includes all the extras, like the 2 mm reinforced structure, heavy duty bearings in the joints, heart rate monitor (kHz) included and 3 year warranty for home use. That is the reason why, this is, without doubt, the preferred Dual Air Trainer model for the most demanding HIIT sessions Furthermore, it is equipped with the i.Concept technology with which you will be able to train with specific fitness Apps using your smartphone or tablet as monitor of your machine. It is also equipped with pre-programmed workouts, if you prefer to use it for standard cardio sessions
  • 24MIN Workout Option You can complete your machine with the 24MIN by BH training program with just 24 minutes a day, 3 days per week, in 10 weeks you will have amazing results.
  • Fan Resistance system A+M2 (air + magnetic) which rise the air resistance.
  • Bearings Heavy duty bearings: long-lasting for a more smooth and natural pedaling motion.
  • Structure 3 mm thick reinforced structure which ensures stability in a intensive training session.

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