DRAX Elliptical Trainer DE6X

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จำนวนผู้เข้าชม : 133
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DRAX Elliptical Trainer DE6X

This model has no touch screen and no Android software like the DE6A, which limits the interactieve options. Nevertheless members are still able to whats TV or Mirror their smart phone to the console for multi media usage.  


ERGONOMIC DESIGN Ergonomic handle structure minimizes discrepancy due to height difference. SMART OS & MIRRORING It is designed based on smart phone operating system and provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication function. You can enjoy multimedia such as YouTube, Netflix by connecting smartphone (iPhone, Android phone) to 15.6″ HD screen and provide digital TV viewing function by connecting with coaxial cable and IPTV set-top box. HEART RATE MONITOR & WORKOUT DISPLAY With built-in heart rate sensor, heart rate can be transmitted during exercise to be displayed on the instrument panel for exercise information and heart rate-based pre-set exercise program. STYLISH DESIGN & NATURAL WALKING SYSTEM Stylish, soft design and ergonomic engineering provide a natural and stable workout system
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